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Mike Krejci

Mike is the graphic designer for Fantasy Drum Corps. He marched Nite Express and Phantom Regiment, and has also been a DCI fan for many years. His favorite corps are... Well, all the corps are his favorites.
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I by no means am a DCI judge. However, I have the utmost respect for them. Drum corps year to year is packed full of amazing shows, which come August, are clean as a whistle.

I’ve been following drum corps international for some time now. And though I don’t always know who has the cleanest beats, or tightest spins, I do believe that I’m a fantastic judge of drum corps hype. That being said, would you like to know who as the most drum corp hype at this point in the season?

Who has the drum corps hype?

My answer is Santa Clara Vanguard. Ouroboros is absolutely mesmerizing. Not to mention they’re getting the scores to match. There are many, many reasons why I think Santa Clara Vanguard has a chance to take gold this summer.

Ott-Worthy Brass

From season to season, who are the token “best horn line” candidates? Crown? Sure. Blue Devils? Usually, yes. Before the season started if someone walked up to you and said, “I think Vanguard’s going to win the Jim Ott this season,” would you believe them?

Yes, folks, I think it’s safe to say that Vanguard could take high brass at Drum Corps International Finals. They have already outscored Blue Devils during California tour. When was the last time Vanguard beat Blue Devils in brass, in general? 2009 DCI Prelims?

The Preeminent DCI Drumline… still

I’m not a drumline guy. I was a contra player. But I know Paul Rennick is virtually the most coveted percussion arranger in marching music. Just like previous years, all of my drumline aficionado friends are drooling over his writing. Could Vanguard sweep all the captions, much like Carolina Crown did last year?

A few weeks ago, I read someone asking for a Paul Rennick t-shirt. Something with, “a big Paul Rennick head printed right on the front.” For fun, I made up a design for this t-shirt. You can purchase one here. Enjoy. Did I mention I take requests?

I appreciate you taking the time to read this. If you have any questions regarding our app, or any other drum corps or marching music related topic, please reach out to us here.