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Timothy R. Brandt is the Lead iOS Developer for Fantasy Drum Corps. He has countless hours of development under his belt. He marched Phantom Regiment.
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Developing iOS apps can take several different paths. But in this day and age, luckily, there are a lot of resources out there for budding iOS developers.

Resources for starting iOS Development

For those that don’t know how to code at all, several resources can be found on the internet to assist you. On the other hand, those who have experience in coding need to get acquainted Apple’s development tools and their guidelines. (https://developer.apple.com/)


Xcode is Apple’s integrated development environment. Xcode is utilized on both Mac and iOS apps. It can basically be thought of as the interface you use to develop apps.


Swift is Apple’s premiere programming language. If you are new to iOS development, then you’re in luck! Many people believe that Swift is much more user-friendly than it’s predecessors.

App Store Design Guidelines

Apple wants all apps on their App Store to be streamlined. They want impeccable design and great user experience. Pay special attention to your user interface, because Apple will. In fact, error on the side of usability. Develop an app that people will enjoy, one that users have fun using and keep coming back to. Apple picks up on these things and will reward you for it.

The App Store Review

It’s no secret that Apple’s guidelines for the App Store are pretty stern. Apple can be very picky about the apps they like to push in their store so it;s only logical that you would want to know their guidelines before building your app. It’s worth time because you may work day and night on an app you love, but the App Store won’t carry.

When you are finished building your app, you submit it to the App Store where it is reviewed based on design and content. Apps can often be rejects for crashes, broken links, or missing info. Go here to see common reasons apps are rejected.

If you have any questions regard iOS development, please reach out to us here.