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Mike Krejci

Mike is the graphic designer for Fantasy Drum Corps. He marched Nite Express and Phantom Regiment, and has also been a DCI fan for many years. His favorite corps are... Well, all the corps are his favorites.
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A hobbyist Android developer and DCI fanatic. Dylan is the youngest member of the team and will attend Texas A&M University to study aerospace engineering in the fall of 2017. His hobbies include film, videography, and drum corps. Born and raised in the Dallas / Fort Worth area of Texas, he feels lucky to have been within such a great center for music education.

Dylan’s the perfect fit for Android app development

Dylan got into app development during his sophomore year of high school by creating a number of simple one screen tools. Working on the Fantasy Drum Corps team has been a great experience for him. “I think the three of us mesh really well together, and it’s awesome that we’re all diehard drum corps fans,” stated Dylan, “When Tim and I started on the project and tested the waters, we knew we were going to be doing something really special for the DCI community.”

Committed to putting the community first, Dylan hopes that this app will spark further discussion and growth of drum corps and the marching arts. There’s no precedent for an application where everyone can submit predictions for drum corps, so he hopes to deliver a quality product that breaks waves.

“We see people sharing their predictions on placements everywhere all the time in the community, even during the offseason. This app helps to make that a fun experience.”

Although Dylan has not yet marched a season of drum corps, yet he is a strong follower of all things DCI-related. He holds no doubt that he will be a lifelong fan of drum corps. “I think the activity promotes so many great life lessons and disciplines and deeply inspires everyone that makes their way to a show.”

Dylan hopes to become a member of the Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps in 2018.