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Mike Krejci

Mike is the graphic designer for Fantasy Drum Corps. He marched Nite Express and Phantom Regiment, and has also been a DCI fan for many years. His favorite corps are... Well, all the corps are his favorites.
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It seems safe to say that the 2017 Drum Corps International season is off to a rip-roaring start. The repertoires are smoking, the corps are touring, and the new uniform reveals are definitely something to behold.

First Impressions DCI 2017

After watching Bluecoats exit the field after their finals performance last summer, we knew that ‘Down Side Up’ would turn the drum corps world on its shell. It’s safe to say that that the Bluecoats have definitely influenced a “non-traditional” uniform push to the very heart of the drum corps activity for 2017. I mean we have Santa Clara Vanguard debuting their 2017 show, Ourobouros sans Aussies. Did I spell Ourobourous right? Does it matter? None the less, no hats at all in Santa Clara. I think the big shocker is Madison Scouts though. Their uniform is best described as Mad Max, meets Fallout, with more feathers.

Bluecoats are currently leading the pack with their show, “Jagged Line.” The star of the show is a “Broadway-level” prop as program coordinator; Dean Westman described on the 2017 Tour Premiere which was live-broadcasted to movie theaters around the country from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. What an amazing drum corps prop. We’re more than happy to watch hornline, drumline, and guard members run up, down, through, and on it all summer.

Statistically speaking, aren’t Blue Devils’ chances of winning at Finals like 1000 to 1? Regardless of the odds, it’s quite likely after seeing what they’re currently doing on California tour. Their show “Metamorph” has something for everyone. We particularly like that their drums are quoting the 1976 show during their opening statement. Even though their brass was recently beat by Vanguard, once Flight of the Bumblebee is cleaned up, it’s going to be hard to beat. Maybe even hard for the magical horn line of Carolina Crown, who are performing DCI’s first self-proclaimed “deconstructive” show entitled simply, “It Is.”